We are Leominster

Sweeping & Mopping

We can sweep & mop all floors

Windows, Mirrors & Shower Screens

Steak-free mirrors, shower screens and internal windows.

Polishing & Dusting

We dust and polish all areas of the home.


We hoover all of your carpets, no matter the type.

Washing up dishes

Handwash or loading/unloading dishwashers.

Rubbish Management

Emptying all rubbish bins and disposing into wheelie bin.

Cleaning with Meaning

We love what we do! We take care and pride in our work, we’re not just cleaners, we are certified in cleaning. 

Leominster Cleaning Services

We cover the whole county of Leominster across to Ludlow, Hereford and Bromyard!

No Contracts

Forget contracts, they’re old news! You can cancel any day, any time.

leominster cleaners

Leominster Cleaners

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We are experts in our chosen industry. We don’t just have the experience, we have the qualifications to match it! We are highly trained in the use of different chemicals and techniques to get the job done.


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Recently Asked Questions

Would you collect washing from launderettes?

Yes, this is a service we can provide so long as the service you use is within the same town/area.

Do you cover the whole of Leominster?

We cover the whole County of Leominster and surrounding towns & villages. In fact, we cover from Herefordshire through to Bromyard, then to Leominster and right over to Ludlow.

How do I pay for the Leominster cleaning services?

We will only ever ask for payment after cleaning has been done, there are no contracts. We accepts BACS, Cash and even PayPal.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Cancel at any time. There are no hidden costs or fees, you could even cancel if we are in the car on the way to you. It really does not matter, there are no cancellation fees whatsoever.

Do you offer Commercial?

We do indeed. We offer commercial, Residential and even Specialist Biohazard cleaning services. Prices are listed on our website.

Do you background check employees?

All of our staff go through rigorous enhanced disclosure and barring checks, due to the nature of some of the places we work, i.e., schools and colleges. So everybody is completely safe.