#1 Hereford cleaners
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Sweeping & Mopping

We can sweep & mop all floors

Windows, Mirrors & Shower Screens

Steak-free mirrors, shower screens and internal windows.

Polishing & Dusting

We dust and polish all areas of the home.


We hoover all of your carpets, no matter the type.

Washing up dishes

Handwash or loading/unloading dishwashers.

Rubbish Management

Emptying all rubbish bins and disposing into wheelie bin.

We are the #1 cleaners in Hereford

We are certified cleaners, we have a licence to practice (LTP). When it comes to cleaning in Hereford, we really are cleaning excellence. We’re able to work off lists given to us or we can write instructions down on meeting you. As an affordable service, this doesn’t mean the quality is compromised. 

Herefordshire Cleaning Services

We cover the whole of Herefordshire and surrounding areas, Ludlow, Leominster and Bromyard.

No Contracts

Who likes being tied into contracts? We don’t. You can cancel at any time, you only pay for each completed appointment.

Hereford cleaning service

Hereford Cleaners

Cleaning Hereford
one house at a time.

We’ve spent a lot of money and time getting certified and specialised in our industry. Dirt Dominator has a sister company that also deals with biohazards, so we even take care of the yukky side of cleaning. We take our cleaning very seriously and will accept nothing less than perfect.


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Recently Asked Questions

Do you offer washing or ironing services?

We don’t currently offer laundry or ironing services. Dirt Dominator is focusing on expansion and raising our company profile, we can only do this is we focus on our main services. We may offer this sometimes in the future, so never say never.

Do you cover the whole of Hereford?

Yes! We cover the entire county. Not only this, we also cover Bromyard, Leominster, Ludlow and all other surrounding towns and villages. Not sure you live in a catchment area? Give us a message or a call and find out if we can offer you services.

How do I pay for the services?

We offer BACS transfer and PayPal if you use that service. We never ask for payment before the cleaning has taken place, we don’t even ask for a deposit. All clients pay on completion of service.

What happens if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel an appointment, just pop us a quick message or call and we would happily cancel your appointment. There is no cancellation policy or hidden charges, we know things in life come up when you least expect them.

I've booked, can I cancel the appointment?

Yes! You can cancel the appointment at any time, we understand things in life come up and illnesses happen. We don’t ask any length of time to cancel an appointment, you could cancel as we’re on the way and it won’t cost you a single penny. 

Are you insured and DBS checked?

All of our cleaners in Hereford are Enhanced DBS vetted and background checked. Our cleaners in Hereford work in Schools, so it’s super important we check all of our staff to comply with the UK laws and regulations. As for insurance, we are insured with a 5 million pound policy. This covers us for any rare accidents that happen. Thankfully, our accident record is ZERO.